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Art Installations


Barb Gordon Photography, Edgewood Animal Hospital in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Pets,

Yes, the art you see on the walls is photography. Custom fine art photography using digital technology to create original art from layers of images that are embellished specifically for each client’s decor. For this design in a business lobby we chose archival, museum quality gallery wrapped canvases for many years of enjoyment and unique conversation starters.

The pets photographed for this project belong to the staff and patients of Edgewood Animal Hospital in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Thanks for your  participation! This project has been the most fun ever!

My original Southwest Warm Pot series took on a new life with the addition of exciting pets. Mayson, the cat, had just the right coloring and pose to work great in the pot image above. The iguanas add attention grabbing detail and texture.

The motion of flight was the inspiration for the bird pieces. The left bird image I call “Flight”. It features a Harlequin Macaw with just a little coaxing of “pretty bird” and “wow” he proudly spreads his wings revealing an entire range of new colors. For texture and more motion in the backgound, the back of a male Patagonian Conure named Buster was added.

The right bird image features a Goffin’s Cockatoo, a Military Macaw,  and an African Grey parrot.

Barb Gordon Photography, Edgewood Animal Hospital in Cedar Rapids, Iowa



I love the colors they chose to paint the clinic when they had to make repairs to the building after experiencing damage from flooding.

This high traffic hallway in the clinic features three square gallery wraps.


It was the most fun to create an image mixing pet portraits with the door images I captured many years ago on a trip to Santa Fe, New Mexico.

The details in this pair of images will keep you looking for quite some time. Maybe you will discover new things in them each time you look.

During this project I learned the perfect use of the masking tool in Photoshop!


I also photographed the owners of Edgewood Animal Hospital, Dr. Bruce and Dr. Leigh Ennen at their home with their five dogs.

Barb Gordon Photography, Edgewood Animal Hospital, wall decor,



Another one of my favorite door images was embellished with two very patient dogs in an image called “Waiting”.

This hangs by the reception desk at which one of the dog’s owners works.





An embossed image of a husky was layered with an image of a slate tile. The blue tones really pop on the blue walls and really livens up the space above the product pick up area.


Barb Gordon Photography, Edgewood Animal Hospital

Southwest Pot series installed in Kitchen





Flanking the entrance to the clinic are my two dogs who are also eager patients at Edgewood Animal Hospital.


Originally, these images were shot for my own home that has a bit of a western feel to the décor. Again the blue tones from the denim jeans really looked dramatic on the wall.


Major, the lab, particularly knows just about everyone at the clinic since he is such a people dog and has received such great care during his surgery. He is posing with my husband.


Q, the Bishon, is posing with me and the twine is not only an interesting element, it is an indicator of his personality!


If you would like more design ideas for your business lobby, office or home décor call me today at 319-435-2125.


A Kitchen Wall:

All four Southwest Pots in warm tones finished as Gallery Wraps were installed in a kitchen. The perfect colors for this southwest inspired space with a chocolate color ceiling, golden walls, and a red feature wall.

To give you an idea of scale, the square images are 24×24 inches and the horizontal images are 36×24 inches.

If you would like more design ideas for your home décor call me today at 319-435-2125.