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Meet Barb

Barb consulting with client Being inspired by you, I like the process of collaborating to come up with just the right art for your home.

For most of my 30 years in the photography industry, I have concentrated on portraits. Families, high school seniors, children and pets. My portrait studio is called Gordon Photography. You can see my portrait website, Gordon Photography.

I was inspired to create custom fine art photography for wall décor when I started working with a decorator in Phoenix, Arizona. She remembered some of the images I had taken from a shopping trip to Santa Fe, New Mexico we went on together. She accepted a massive decorating job, every room in the house from top to bottom, and found herself in need of unique custom sized pieces. The series that started it all was the Southwest Pot series in warm tones you can see here.

I have a huge collection of images that are from self assignments, vacations, and adventures. So many images that were not being used for anything significant and had so much potential that in 2013 I launched “Custom Fine Art Photography” as a division of my portrait studio, Gordon Photography.

I am an internationally published and award winning photographer, entrepreneur, speaker, and writer.
◾Master Photographer-with PPA
◾Photographic Craftsman-with PPA
◾Certified Professional Photographer -with PPA, less than 4% of the 20,000 members in 54 countries of PPA hold this mark of excellence.
◾Photographic Business Degree: Business Impact Zone of Iowa (BIZ)
◾2011 Graduate of the E-Myth Mastery Impact, Core Business Development Program

My most prestigious awards include:
◾Photographer of the Year, Silver Level at PPA’s 2010 International Print competition, over 5,000 entries are received at this competition!
◾Iowa’s Master Photographer of the Year-2010, this means first place amongst all of the working professionals in the state!
◾Fuji Award 2010
◾PPA Loan Collection 2010
◾PPA Loan Collection 2006
◾PPA Showcase 2003
◾twice named Iowa’s Top Ten Photographer of the Year

Barb on her first horse I discovered a real passion for horses when I was in my mid 40s. I always dreamed of having a horse since I was a kid, but it just became a reality recently. Now I have three and I enjoy trail riding as often as I can!