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Fine Art wall décor solutions for your decorating puzzles

A few images from the collection of Custom Fine Art PhotographyHow long do you shop for just the right art piece for the spaces you decorate? Do you often wonder, is just the right piece even available? Or, how many other designers or home owners will have access to the exact same pieces? Surpassing the limited, ordinary mass market, you can easily get customized photographic art that is perfectly embellished and one of a kind!

Now you can get unique images with the “wow” factor you desire in just the right size and color. All while reducing your search time!

Whether you choose from my stock images, customize a piece, or commission an original, it’s easy to collaborate with me on selecting and personalizing the perfect pieces for the spaces you decorate! It’s easy to coordinate whether you are local or long distance.

Customize the color to coordinate with the décor.
Change the size and shape to fit the space.
Embellish with graphics, words, or favorite sayings.
Custom fine art photography catalog of images

View the catalog of current images.

There are many more images with customizing potential in my files that are not yet in this catalog, give me a call at
319-435-2125 to learn more.

For me, art is a celebration of our connection to God the creator. I also identify with what Pablo Picasso said, “Painting is just another way of keeping a diary.” Like a professional observer, I experience my world, and record my life and the lives of others, with a camera.

Barb consulting with client I am looking to develop a relationship with interior decorators, designers, and enthusiastic home owners who appreciate art. If the following statements ring true, I would love to talk to you about how we can create a fantastic piece of art for your decorating projects.
• You would welcome a unique resource so you have something more distinctive to offer your clients that won’t be seen in hundreds of other homes and offices.
• You believe that art is more personal and want to collaborate with someone who understands you.
• You don’t consider art as just another “filler piece” but value what it truly is: art.

Together we can tell your stories, evoke the mood you want to create in your home, and set the stage with custom fine art photography that coordinates well with the furnishings, old or new.
The final piece is truly inspired by you. Courtesy to the decorating trade

Keep in mind that everyone’s computer monitor is calibrated differently, or not calibrated at all, and some colors are going to be different than what you may be currently viewing on your computer screen. But rest assured, when we work together we will use real life samples so we will be sure to get the right colors before we do a final print of any image.